What will I be learning about in Year 7?

In Year 7 you will be learning either French or Spanish as part of the school’s main curriculum.  The first year of language learning provides you with the key skills, vocabulary and grammar required to have a short conversation in a foreign language – how exciting!  You will learn how to ask and answer questions, to describe yourself and others, to talk about your interests and hobbies and to express opinions.

There may be additional opportunities to learn other languages, such as Portuguese or Italian, through enrichment. This is an excellent opportunity for stretch and challenge.

How will it be different from primary school?

Many of you will arrive at the Archer Academy with very different experiences of language learning at primary school.  Some may have had a ‘carousel’ experience of different languages whilst others will have built a foundation in French, Spanish or another foreign language.

Whatever your starting point, language lessons at the Archer Academy aim to build your confidence and skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing in either French or Spanish.  You will look closely at how the language is formed and how you can manipulate it make it your own. There will also be many opportunities for you to look at authentic materials, such as videos and short stories, from France and Spain.  

How will I be assessed?

Throughout the year you will receive regular feedback from your teacher both verbally and in your exercise books. You will be given feedback on what you have done well, as well as some next steps guidance on what you need to do to improve.

Each term you will be assessed on each of the five key language skills; reading, listening, writing, speaking and grammar. Some work will also be self-assessed or peer-assessed and you will regularly be given opportunities to revisit work and make improvements. In your lessons you will be helped to build your language skills, to ensure you achieve your full potential and to develop your confidence as a linguist.

What can I do to help myself get off to an excellent start?

You could use the online language programme or app called Memrise to get a head start before the term begins. But the best way to get off to an excellent start is easy – ensure you get involved in your language lessons, participate as much as you can and always try your best!

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