SEND and Inclusion is not a department like the others; it is a whole school philosophy. We are all individuals and learn in different ways. Some of us may be very good at Maths and Art but find spelling a challenge. Some of us may be excellent at PE but find it difficult to make friends. Therefore, SEND and Inclusion is about ensuring every student in our school community feels happy, safe and fulfils their potential.

How will it be different from primary school?

We run lots of different sessions to support our students academically and emotionally. From social skills groups such as ‘Circle of Friends’ and ‘Lego Club’ to paired reading and Functional Skills, we cater for a wide range of different needs.

Some students in each year group are selected to be part of our Functional Skills programme to accelerate their English and Maths skills.

Who will my teachers be?

Mrs Bickers is the Head of SEND and Inclusion.

We have a large team of Teaching Assistants, Lead Practitioners, Learning Mentors and counsellors who are all helpful and friendly. Have a look at the individual staff profiles on the VIP zone homepage to find out more.

How will I be assessed?

Students who take Functional Skills will do mini assessments, just like in English or Maths.

What can I do to help myself get off to an excellent start?

Be yourself and make the most of every opportunity that is given to you. If you are stuck or worried about something, never be afraid to ask for help!

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