Name: Miss Ogbaselase

My job at the Archer Academy: Head of Year 7 / Teacher of History

The subject I will teach: History

The area of my subject I most enjoy teaching:

It’s quite hard to choose one topic that I most enjoy teaching because there are so many different topics that are equally interesting! Here are my top 3:

  • Life in the Middle Ages – I find it fascinating how life was so different during this period; in particular, how religion infiltrated every single aspect of life. Also, ideas around medieval medicine are equally fascinating especially the gore!
  • The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade – So much in Britain changed as a result of our involvement in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Exploring topics such as the Industrial Revolution and growth of working-class movements (which were both triggered by involvement in the trade) also lends itself to lively discussion.
  • The Civil Rights Movement – debate is a key component of any history classroom. I particularly enjoy exploring the work of activists and debating to what extent change was driven by grassroots activism or government. A very popular topic that always gets students going!

Two top facts about me:

  1. I once spent 5 weeks travelling alone around Central America Definitely a life changing experience!
  2. Yoga is a huge part of my life – it’s probably the one thing I couldn’t live without.

If I wasn’t a teacher I would be: Could I be a yoga teacher? 

What I am most looking forward to this year at the Archer Academy: I am very excited about getting to know each and every one of my new Archers and welcoming you into our very special school. I’m also looking forward to getting to know you via our VIP Zone and working closely with your tutors to ensure you are supported in every way. Soon, there will be weekly challenges and quizzes for you to try online; I look forward to seeing how you get on with this fun part of the VIP Zone and celebrating your effort and achievements by sending you lots of reward postcards.

Beyond our transition programme, I am looking forward to all the adventures we will share in Year 7. I won’t give away the plans just yet, but I am certain that there will be lots of fun!

My message to our new Year 7s: The Archer Academy is a wonderfully exciting school. Many of our current Year 7s describe it as their ‘happy place’. You will have endless opportunities to learn something new and develop useful skills. My top tip would be to give anything and everything a fair go – you never know; you might pick up a new hobby and discover a new talent.

Some of you may be a little nervous about developing friendships. I always say that nerves are a good thing because they show how important something is to you. However, do know that there is no reason for you to worry; we will all be in the same boat. Kindness to others is a key attribute to being an Archer student, so I have no doubt that you will make lots of friends very soon.  In the meantime, do have a good look at the avatars online and when the time comes, enjoy The Phantom Tollbooth. There are lots of tips you could learn from Milo about how to develop good friendships and more broadly, how to make the most of your Archer adventure!

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