Name: Miss Harrison 

My job at the Archer Academy: Headteacher 

The subject I will teach: I am a History teacher by trade but also teach GCSE Citizenship Studies. I hope to have the opportunity to teach some of you over the coming years.

The area of my subject I most enjoy teaching: Castles! I have always been fascinated by the significance of the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and how William the Conqueror changed the long term future of England. Castles are an interesting way to understand how power and control can be used by a monarch. So much of our landscape, existing road network and placement of towns and cities is a result of castles which were built hundreds of years ago.

Two top facts about me: 

  1. I am a book worm and love reading. My Kindle has saved a shelving crisis at my house.
  1. I am a vegetarian and enjoy cooking and trying out new dishes.

If I wasn’t a teacher I would be: a politician or a journalist. 

What I am most looking forward to this year at the Archer Academy:

I can’t wait to meet all our new Year 7 students and get to know you and your families. I am looking forward to supporting you in the transition to becoming an Archer student.

I am also excited for you to have the advantage of our campus school. You have the chance to get to know students in Years 7-9 at Lower School but also to look towards your future at Upper School, where students in Years 10-11 are based. As our new Year 7 cohort, you will clearly see the opportunities that are ahead of you as you grow up into young adults along your Archer Academy journey.

My message to our new Year 7s: The Archer Academy is a very special place to go to school. We are all very proud of our school and its community. Please get involved, try out everything, make new friends, work hard and always ask if you are unsure.

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