What will I be learning about in Year 7?

When you start Maths at the Archer Academy, you will continue to build on your Maths knowledge, developing your understanding of topics such as probability, constructions and much more that you will not yet have come across in primary school, in addition to the key areas of number, algebra, geometry and measures, statistics and so on which you will have met already.

How will it be different from primary school?

As well as having exciting new content to learn, you will be learning Maths from a Maths specialist; someone who really knows their subject. You will have four dedicated hours of Maths a week.

You will be learning as an individual, in pairs, in groups, on paper, and verbally.

Who will my teachers be?

You will have one of the following teachers:

  • Mrs Williams
  • Miss McDonagh
  • Mr Eilon
  • Mr Sun
  • Mrs Ali
  • Mrs Hill
  • Mrs Raffai

You can find out more about them in the ‘Who will my teachers be?’ section.

 How will I be assessed?

You will be given a baseline test soon after you arrive that gives us an idea of where you are in your Maths knowledge. This means we will be able to personalise your learning and track your progress from when you entered.

After every topic you will be given an assessment that covers all the most recent concepts you have been taught.  These will be marked online, and your parents will be able to sign up for emails to receive your results directly, with a question by question breakdown of your strengths and weaknesses. You will receive the marked work back to reflect on what you did well and learn from your mistakes to move forward. This will allow you to keep track of your own progress.  As well as this, you will be given weekly homework tasks to consolidate what you do in the classroom and show you have a good grasp of the material without the teachers’ assistance.

At three key points during the year, you will take Progress Tests to track your progress from your baseline test.

What can I do to help myself get off to an excellent start?

Use Maths over the holiday in day to day life. Talk to your family about:

Distances: If you are driving somewhere, use the road signs to calculate the distance travelled already, calculate the speed of the journey, predict if the journey is 75 miles and you are travelling at 50mph how long will it take? Convert Imperial measures to metric. Estimate the size of items around your home then measure them (Length of a pin, width of a table, diagonal measurement of the TV, height of a door)

Weights: Using recipes, food labels, baggage allowance.

Time: Length of a film if it starts at 1:30pm and ends at 3:04pm.

What time a task will end if it lasts 200 minutes and starts at 10:10am

Converting between 12 and 24 hour clocks.

Reading from a timetable (plane, train, bus)

Multiplication and division: Practice your times tables where you can, in a shop, playing card games, on the bus, converting currencies.

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