What will I be learning about in Year 7?

In Year 7 you will have the opportunity to study music, drama and dance through the curriculum. You will develop your performance, creative and evaluative skills within all three specialisms and build on your understanding of these subjects.

There will be a chance to explore a wide range of professional repertoires, stimuli, styles and genres in lessons. Additionally you will analyse professional works that will inspire and engage you.

There will be an expectation that you work in groups and rehearse with your peers independently in the drama/dance studio to develop your progress.


You will start studying creative and devising techniques in an Introduction to Drama scheme that will equip you with the skills you need this year. You will explore the craft of mime, physical theatre, still images, flashback narration, hot seating and improvisational techniques in groups. You will also have the opportunity to refine your performance skills through Greek theatre, Bugsy Malone and the scary and sinister backdrop of Darkwood Manor.

As you develop your confidence in the subject you will be able to evaluate your progress using drama specific terms. There will be a studio with professional lighting and sound for formal assessments where you will perform your scripted and creative pieces.


Within your dance lessons you will learn about the principles of dance choreography. You will also develop your understanding of technical and interpretive performance skills through practical repertoire. Throughout the year you will examine a wide range of dance styles and genres including: African, contemporary, jazz and modern.

You will gain a theoretical knowledge of choreographic concepts and dance terminology based on a range of contemporary professional dance works. There will be a chance to perform challenging contact and lifts in groups and trust movement exercises to build your confidence in the subject. 


Your study of music will take you through a variety of different musical styles and types of performances – using your voices and a variety of instruments. To begin we revisit the musical elements, to ensure that everyone understands important musical vocabulary and how music is written. You will then learn to perform and compose in small groups, pairs or solo – exploring Film Music, famous themes from ballets and musical theatre, composing music to set the mood for a haunted house or a jazz club. These are just a few examples!

You will have the opportunity to review and analyse your own, others and professional musicians work – using advanced musical language. You may also wish to join the singing groups, orchestras and small bands to further your own musical experience. 

How will it be different from primary school?

You will be taught creative, engaging and innovative C & PA lessons by specialist teachers for three hours each week. This means you will be taught to apply creative techniques consistently throughout all of your lessons and you can develop your devising skills.

You will have time to meet your peers and you will learn how to apply positive team work within tasks. In Creative & Performing Arts time you can explore learning through kinaesthetic movement, which is exciting! There will be plenty of time to take risks and vocalise your learning in an adventurous atmosphere!

Some topics you will study:

  • Haunted House Music
  • Bugsy Malone
  • Shakespeare: The Tempest
  • Darkwood Manor
  • Contemporary Dance & Choreography

Who will my teachers be?

You will be taught by several of the following teachers:

Miss Randall (Dance)

Ms Humphrey (Music)

Ms Gunn (Drama/Dance)

Miss Rodford (Drama)

Miss Hacking (Dance)

Mr Carter (Drama)

You can find out more about them in the ‘Who will my teachers be?’ section.

How will I be assessed?

At the end of every half term you will have a formal assessment in Drama, Music and Dance.  We assess you on your skills within creating, performing and evaluating. You will have a C & PA tracker where you will reflect on your strengths and areas for developments at the end of every unit. You will receive your level on the tracker at the end of every half term and you will see individual progress throughout the academic year.

Towards the end of the year, you will perform a cross curricular musical theatre unit called ‘Bugsy Malone’ in all three specialisms which will be your final examination in Year 7.

What can I do to help myself get off to an excellent start?

Rehearse your practical repertoire at home and within the studio in school.  This will help you refine your devising techniques and gain confidence when performing.  Challenge yourself to complete extension tasks and remember to take risks when in the Creative & Performing Arts classroom! Do not play it safe!

See if you can research some of the topics we are studying this year so you are ahead of the game. Try to go and see drama, music and dance performances in the summer holidays and discover what styles and genres inspire you. Challenge yourself to learn the creative techniques, definitions and key words linked to the dance styles! Aim to rehearse your singing as much possible and learn to sing or play your favourite song.

Additionally, try to research the plot of The Tempest, Bugsy Malone and The Trojan Horse.  We cannot wait to see all of the new talented actors, musicians and dancers joining us in September!

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