Archer Academy Challenge Six

History and Geography

Independent Learning Skills: reasoning, memory, information processing, research

This week’s quiz is all about History and Geography and is your opportunity to demonstrate just how much you know about these fascinating subjects.

History and Geography will feel very different when you get to the Archer Academy. You will study both subjects every week as part of Humanities. Humanities also includes Religious Studies and Citizenship. You will complete different projects looking at topics such as medicine over time, natural disasters, the environment, war and conflict. You will develop a range of skills such as analysing historical evidence and interpreting geographical data. Humanities will also provide you with an excellent opportunity to develop your debating skills – there will be lots of impassioned arguments! Always remember, a strong opinion is backed up with convincing evidence.

This week the quiz is in four sections and each section will enable you to show off and develop different skill sets. The first section is focused on your general historical knowledge; the second section is focused on your general geographical knowledge. The third section is focused on Medieval History; this is one of the first topics you will study in Year 7. You might want to do some follow up research on some of the questions. The final section is all about looking after our environment and this is something that will be very important at the Archer Academy. There will be many opportunities to get involved with environmental projects and you will also study the issues within Geography. Do you have some great ideas of how we could make sure that we are having a positive impact on our environment?

This week the following house points are available to you if you submit this quiz:

  • 5 automatic house points for submitting the quiz – at the Archer Academy we really value taking part and trying our best
  • 12 house points for scoring 28/28
  • 10 house points for scoring between 23 and 27/28
  • 8 house points for scoring between 18 and 22/26

Good luck and just give it a go. Your points will be uploaded onto the Honour Roll by next Friday.


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