Hello! I’m looking forward to meeting you and finding out which books you like. Reading holds so much importance at our school that we invite authors to come and talk to us as often as we can! All the authors adore talking to the school about their writing and inspiration and they welcome interesting questions from you.

During Year 7 you can have a crack at getting on the LitQuiz team, this year we battled against other secondary schools and won the handsome trophy. Later in your Archer time you may want to get involved with working with our local primary schools, reading or creating a project around a chosen book. Year 8s also get selected to be Carnegie Shadowers, reading and following the actual Carnegie Medal shortlist.

I am passionate about the benefits of reading aloud and being read to.  During our annual LitFest we even have a magical Story Tent in a cosy corner of the library.

The school library is a lovely, welcoming room within our school and we ask students to respect the space. When you arrive, there will be inductions so you get to know the way the library works. It’s packed with novels, magazines, factual books and we have a bank of Kindles. The library is constantly busy with small group lessons, clubs and reading sessions. You will have a chance to become a library volunteer to help with my many tasks.

Below are reading lists with some suggestions of books you might want to try. Please do give me ideas about books that you are interested in.

I would love to know what you think about the book that you have just read, so please do download the book review template  and send this back to me at school. I will then post your book reviews on this site to help your future classmates make decisions about which books they choose to read.  I’ll be giving 10 merit points for every book review I receive. Is this something you might want to do?

Please email your book reviews to me at [email protected]

Switch off your mobile, curl up and read as often as you can.  Reading takes you to wonderful worlds; it also makes you smarter.

Remember, in the words of Hermione in the Harry Potter books, “When in doubt, go to the library.”

Best wishes, Ms Appelquist

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