Here at the Archer Academy there are lots of friendly faces who will not be your teachers but are here to help you with other things. There are people who work in the office downstairs who look after attendance and registration. We also have a finance office, where you will go if you need to sort out your lunch money, locker key or to pay for trips. Our medical room is run by Ms Pellius and she will look after you if you feel unwell while you are at school. Please have a look at the Support Staff profiles and you can see who is who.

Ms Warner – Office Manager

Ms Pellius – Welfare Officer

Ms Walsh – Admissions/Attendance

Miss Warner – Receptionist

Ms Appelquist – Librarian

Mr Amine/Mr Almutwakel – IT support

Ms Henry – Photocopying

Mr Alcock – Premises Manager

Ms Chase – Finance Director

Mrs Csaky – Communications Director

Ms Bryant – Headteacher’s PA

Mr Murray – Examinations Officer

Ms Patel – Lunchtime Supervisor

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