When you join the Archer Academy in September you will be put into one of our school houses: Seacole, Ignatius or Lovelace and you will stay in this house for the next 5 years. We would like to give you the chance to put your prospective house in the lead before you even start at school with our weekly challenges.

Every Friday, we will post a challenge here in the VIP Zone, and you will have until midnight on the following Wednesday to submit it. Don’t rush it – it’s not a beat-the-clock challenge. Take your time and do some research so you can find the right answers and get the maximum number of merit points. The students who are top of the honour roll on our Induction Day in July will receive a certificate to celebrate all their hard work and there will be more prizes awarded in September.

You will earn an automatic five merit points simply for taking part and submitting your challenge – at the Archer Academy we really value just having a go and doing your best. Extra merit points will then be added depending on how many answers you get right. Good luck!

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