Thematic learning

Archer Academy Challenge Two

Flexing those learning muscles

Independent learning skills: research, memory and recall

As you know our spotlight in the VIP Zone this week has been on Thematic Learning. Over the past half term Archer Academy students have been studying the topic of Heroes and Villains in Thematic Learning and producing some wonderful work. So we would like to see just how well you know your heroes and your villains?

Read the definitions for the keywords below to help get you started:

Hero: a person, who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

Villain: a person or character whose actions or motives are evil or damaging to others.

Superhero: a fictional character with superhuman powers

We would like you to flex your learning muscles and develop some of your independent learning and research skills to attack our knowledge based quiz below.

Read each question carefully and then choose which answer you think is correct. If the question is related to a topic that you already know a lot about then you will be using your memory and recall skills. However, if the question is based on something that you do not know a lot about then you will need to use your research skills to find out and become an expert.

This week the following house points are available to you if you submit this quiz:

  • 5 automatic house points for submitting the quiz – at the Archer Academy we really value taking part and trying our best
  • 10 house points for scoring 20/20
  • 8 house points for scoring between 17 and 19/20
  • 6 house points for scoring between 14 and 16/20

Your points will be uploaded onto the Honour Roll by next Friday.

Good luck and just give it a go!

Questions headings

Q1-8: How well do you know your fictional villains?

Q9-14: How well do you know your superheroes?

Q15-20: Who might we think of as heroes?