Archer Academy Challenge Five


Independent Learning Skills: reasoning, memory, information processing, research

This week’s quiz is all about Science and is your opportunity to demonstrate just how impressive your scientific skills are. Science will feel very different when you get to the Archer Academy as you will have most of your lessons in a laboratory. You will find that Science becomes very practical in Year 7 with lots of experiments. You will study Biology, Physics and Chemistry – do you know what each type of Science involves?

This week the quiz is in four sections and each section will enable you to show off and develop different skill sets. The first section is focused on your general scientific knowledge, the second section asks you a broad range of questions but they are bit more challenging. The third section is a bit of fun and asks you some questions to get you thinking about some of the experiments you might be interested in. You might want to do some follow up research on some of the questions but make sure you ask permission at home if you want to try anything out! The final section sets you a research task on some famous scientists that you will begin to learn about.

This week the following house points are available to you if you submit this quiz:

  • 5 automatic house points for submitting the quiz – at the Archer Academy we really value taking part and trying our best
  • 12 house points for scoring 25/25
  • 10 house points for scoring between 20 and 24/25
  • 8 house points for scoring between 17 and 19/25

Good luck and just give it a go. Your points will be uploaded onto the Honour Roll by next Friday.

Showing off your general scientific knowledge

Questions 1-10

The first set of questions in this week’s quiz are all about some of the basics in Science. This is your time to show us just how much you know.