Archer Academy Challenge Three

Putting your Mathematical powers into action

Independent learning skills: reasoning, problem solving, classifying, information processing.

Our third challenge is all about Maths. We would like you to put your mathematical powers into action and develop some of your independent learning skills to tackle our quiz below.

Read each question carefully and then choose which answer you think is correct. Most of the questions are multiple choice but some of them involve choosing between True, False or Maybe statements.  The challenge questions, numbers 14 to 17 are the most difficult and will certainly stretch your powers. Remember it all about just giving it a go.

This week the following house points are available to you if you submit this quiz:

  • 5 automatic house points for submitting the quiz – at the Archer Academy we really value taking part and trying our best. Plus additional house points for the following scores.
  • 15 house points for scoring 21/21
  • 10 house points for scoring between 17 and 20/21
  • 8 house points for scoring between 15 and 16/21
  • 5 house points for scoring between 12 and 14/21

Good luck and just give it a go. Your points will be uploaded onto the Honour Roll by next Friday.