Archer Academy Challenge Four

Independent Learning Skills: reasoning, memory, information processing, research

This week’s quiz is all about literacy and is your opportunity to demonstrate all of your hard work in Year 6. All the work you been doing throughout this year is helping you to lay the foundations for Year 7.

This week the quiz is in four sections and each section will enable you to show off a different skill set. The first section is all about your basic skills, the second about writing letters, the third about improving your vocabulary and the final section sets you a research task on William Shakespeare.

This week the following house points are available to you if you submit this quiz:

  • 5 automatic house points for submitting the quiz – at the Archer Academy we really value taking part and trying our best
  • 12 house points for scoring 24/24
  • 10 house points for scoring between 20 and 23/24
  • 8 house points for scoring between 17 and 19/24

Good luck and just give it a go. Your points will be uploaded onto the Honour Roll by next Friday.

Showing off your wonderful literacy skills

We know how hard you have been working in Year 6 but you will need all of those skills to get off to a flying start in Year 7. The first set of questions in this week’s quiz are all about the basics in literacy. This is your time to show us just how well developed your literacy skills are.